Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have put together answers to some commonly asked questions and queries.
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Do 'PRE ORDERS' require payment upfront or on dispatch? 

  • Payment for our pre order items are taken upfront (as soon as you checkout). 


Can I cancel/return my order?


When will my order be dispatched?

  • We aim to dispatch 'IN STOCK' items within 3-4 working days (see SECTION 20 of our Terms of Service).
  • For 'PRE ORDER' items, the estimated dispatch dates can be found in the description of each item. We try our best to keep these updated with accurate dispatch estimates.
  • Orders that include both 'IN STOCK' and 'PRE ORDER' items will be dispatched all together. 


What does 'IMPERFECTIONS' mean?

  • An item stated to have 'IMPERFECTIONS' will have slight faults, blemishes and undesirable features.
  • This can include small dents, minor creases, or tiny tears in the product. 
  • Please see a range of examples in the photos provided below.